Using a Fireplace as a Wedding Backdrop

The brides colors were Dark Reds and Bright Yellows 
Black and White accents

Our Photo Guest Book Service in Action

This year we started our Fun New Photo Guest Book Service.  In this service we have a few different options to for our clients to select.

Our most popular is our Package C - Which includes 2 hours of photographer service - Frame backdrop - Several Individual Frames & Props for guests to have fun with - CD with all picture rights - Hardbound professional Photo book with all of the pictures we took at the event.

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Below are just a few of the pictures from our most recent event. 

Isn't this service FUN?  
We are a Salt Lake Based Company, we do travel to other nearby counties and even states.
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Western Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are popular.  In Utah western weddings can be quite popular, especially during the summer and fall months.  Below are a few pictures that showcase some of our western theme decor options.

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Pink & Blue Western Theme Wedding Backdrop

Pink & Blue Western Arch Theme Backdrop
Oranges, Browns Western Theme Wedding Backdrop

Pink & Blue Western Wedding Theme Cake Backdrop
Western Photo Display Area

One of our Western Centerpiece Ideas

Our Western Wagon Wheel Entrance Posts

Our Western Wagon Wheel Entrance Posts

Blue & Brown Western Wedding Theme Backdrop

We are a Utah based wedding decoration company.

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Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

     Are you a bride on a budget?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  Many brides these days are having to plan a wedding on a much smaller budget than they would like.
But it's okay, the worst mistake a bride and groom can make is to go into debt for their wedding.  If you go into debt for your wedding, you'll end up having to likely use all your wedding gift cash and possibly a lot of hard earned money your first year of marriage to pay off that one day.  It's not worth it!

     However, just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't still have a beautiful wedding.  I have had a lot of experience with planning weddings for brides that have had both extremely large and very small decoration budgets.  If your someone who wants to have a beautiful day, but can't afford much here are a few tips I have learned along my way.

     First, if you can afford nothing but linens, go with the linens!  Beautiful linens can make or break a wedding!  Even weddings with beautiful backdrops, gazebo's, arches and fountains, if they don't have beautiful linens it can scale down the event.  So here are a few tips.

1.  Only rent base linens that drop to the floor.  If you are renting linens that only hang a foot or so below the table and you can see everything underneath, it's not going to look so nice.  So find a wedding or linen rental company that offer linens to fit the size of tables you are using and that will drop all the way to the floor!

2.  Say yes to chair covers and sashes!  This is a big one, because chair covers can hide a crappy chair and make it look beautiful!  So many people rent tables and chairs from rental companies and when they get them they gasp at the condition.  They could be rusted, or scratched up, dented....  Those tables and chairs get used a lot, and banged around a lot.  Chair covers will cover them beautifully, and a sash will help add a beautiful tone.  There are more than one ways to tie a sash to give you the look and feel you are going after.

3.  If you can afford them, a nice touch to linens is to add a table overlay or table runner.  But if you can't afford them, this is one part of the linens that you can do without when needed.  TIP:  Generally table runners will cost a little less than a full overlay.

4.  Make sure all your linens are pressed or steamed.  Most rental companies will do this for you when you are renting linens from them.  But believe it or not, there are a few out there that don't.  So ask them first before you rent if they do.  If they say no, that the items are wrinkle resistant and it's not needed.  Skip them and call around.  For instance, I carry wrinkle resistant linens.  But that doesn't mean I don't still have to steam them nice before an event.  In my opinion all wrinkle resistant means is they clean up better and wrinkles press out of them much faster than other linens.

5.  Do add centerpieces.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful centerpieces.  Most rental companies have them for rent much cheaper than you can buy them and make your own.  But whichever way you decide to go, your going to want to get them.  TIP:  Not all table centerpieces have to be  exactly identical.  It all depends on what you like.

     That's it, it doesn't sound like much.  But trust me, if you have beautiful linens on all your tables that drop to the floor.  Chair covers, sashes and centerpieces.  If this is all you can afford, you'll be pleased with the look and feel of your wedding/reception room!

We are Simply Enchanting, LLC a Utah based wedding decoration company.  We offer all of the items/descriptions listed above and all the pictures shown are from actual events we decorated for.  If you are having a wedding or event in Utah, check out our website and contact us to see if we are available for your date!

2013 Wedding Trends

This is the 1st post in a series of 2013 Hottest Wedding Trends

Today we will tackle colors.  It's well into March and the colors the brides in Utah are loving the most right now for spring weddings are:

Emerald Green, Peach, Navy Blue, Traditional Black and White, Shades of Purples.

Traditional black and white, and shades of purples have been quite popular choices for brides for the past couple of years.  So I would like to focus mostly on what color(s) are the newest trend for 2013.

You've may have recently seen local shows, even national television shows put a lot of focus on Emerald Green being the hottest color of the year.  Adding a little splash of it to everything.  Some Utah brides have caught onto this new fun color trend too.  Whether you are going for elegant, casual or fun, bright green is definitely a great way to go!

Because green is such a fun trend this year, I suspect it will carry into the summer weddings.  You might even  see a lot of bright apple green's added into the mix too.

We have also been hearing brides want bright summer colors for fun yet elegant outdoor weddings, BRIGHT purples, yellows, pinks, oranges and greens are a few of what is being asked for.

Whether you are looking for an elegant rich look, or just a splash or accent.  Simply Enchanting, carries Emerald Green Satin Overlays as well as Emerald Green Satin Sashes.  If you are looking for a brighter green, we also carry these same items in the Bright Apple Green shade.

We have incorporated all of the colors listed in this post into other design aspects as well, centerpieces, our new fun photo guestbook option, candy buffets, floral arrangements and more.  Contact us today, or visit our AVAILABILITY & QUOTE  page and ask us details on what we can offer and see if we are available for your date.

Let us Decorate for the Day of Your Dreams!

Adding Frames to your Wedding

Simply Enchanting, LLC launched a new Photo Service in February.  We have added a few new fun cute frames to our collection.  Here are what we have been working on.  All of these frames are currently available in our Photo Guestbook Services.
For more information and pricing, visit our website:  

Large Shiny Apple Green Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Soda Pop Orange Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Pink Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Purple Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Turquoise Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Tiffany Blue Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Apple Red Decorative Frame

Large Purple Glitter Decorative Frame

Large White Glitter Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Canary Yellow Decorative Frame
Black Mask Frame

Turquoise Gerbera Daisy Decorative Frame

Butterfly Frame

Pink Zebra Decorative Frame

Pink Flower Frame