2013 Wedding Trends

This is the 1st post in a series of 2013 Hottest Wedding Trends

Today we will tackle colors.  It's well into March and the colors the brides in Utah are loving the most right now for spring weddings are:

Emerald Green, Peach, Navy Blue, Traditional Black and White, Shades of Purples.

Traditional black and white, and shades of purples have been quite popular choices for brides for the past couple of years.  So I would like to focus mostly on what color(s) are the newest trend for 2013.

You've may have recently seen local shows, even national television shows put a lot of focus on Emerald Green being the hottest color of the year.  Adding a little splash of it to everything.  Some Utah brides have caught onto this new fun color trend too.  Whether you are going for elegant, casual or fun, bright green is definitely a great way to go!

Because green is such a fun trend this year, I suspect it will carry into the summer weddings.  You might even  see a lot of bright apple green's added into the mix too.

We have also been hearing brides want bright summer colors for fun yet elegant outdoor weddings, BRIGHT purples, yellows, pinks, oranges and greens are a few of what is being asked for.

Whether you are looking for an elegant rich look, or just a splash or accent.  Simply Enchanting, carries Emerald Green Satin Overlays as well as Emerald Green Satin Sashes.  If you are looking for a brighter green, we also carry these same items in the Bright Apple Green shade.

We have incorporated all of the colors listed in this post into other design aspects as well, centerpieces, our new fun photo guestbook option, candy buffets, floral arrangements and more.  Contact us today, or visit our AVAILABILITY & QUOTE  page and ask us details on what we can offer and see if we are available for your date.

Let us Decorate for the Day of Your Dreams!

Adding Frames to your Wedding

Simply Enchanting, LLC launched a new Photo Service in February.  We have added a few new fun cute frames to our collection.  Here are what we have been working on.  All of these frames are currently available in our Photo Guestbook Services.
For more information and pricing, visit our website:  

Large Shiny Apple Green Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Soda Pop Orange Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Pink Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Purple Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Turquoise Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Tiffany Blue Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Apple Red Decorative Frame

Large Purple Glitter Decorative Frame

Large White Glitter Decorative Frame

Large Shiny Bright Canary Yellow Decorative Frame
Black Mask Frame

Turquoise Gerbera Daisy Decorative Frame

Butterfly Frame

Pink Zebra Decorative Frame

Pink Flower Frame

Purple and Silver Wedding Decoration Pictures

     Below are the pictures from Rochelle's March 8th Wedding we decorated for this weekend.  Her colors were Eggplant, Silver and Black.  She picked our Roman Pillar Lighted Backdrop with satin eggplant swags, and White Gazebo.

     We decorated her refreshment eating area tables and chairs in white base linens and white chair covers - eggplant overlays and sashes.
The cake area, refreshment table area and book sign-in area were decorated with white base linens and silver overlays.

     For the centerpieces we used tall glass cylinder containers, filled with purple and white flowers floating in water.  The centerpieces had white lights placed in the bottom of them to reflect up through the flowers and onto the mirrors.  The bride select black picture frame accents with portraits of herself and the groom during their engagement, each table had 2 different pictures.

     We used lighted ficus tree's, greenery and other decor around the room, so the actual overhead lights were not needed and the bride was able to have a softer romantic feel to her night.
Here are the pictures we took of the decorations we did.

Our Roman Pillar Wedding Backdrop with Satin Eggplant Swags

Wedding Cake Area Close-Up

Wedding Backdrop Close-Up

Wedding Centerpieces

Floral Arrangement

Wedding Reception Room View

Wedding Reception Table View

Full Room View of Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Room View

Table View

Table View

Wedding Cake area Gazebo
     Simply Enchanting, LLC is a Utah based wedding and event decoration company.  If you like what you see, and would like to learn more about our services visit our website: www.simplyenchantingevent.com or flip through our blog history to view additional pictures and settings.

Wedding Backdrop with Pillars

     This was the backdrop we designed for a wedding last weekend.  The brides colors were: Peach, Emerald Green with hints of Navy Blue.  You can't see the 2 floral arrangements in this picture very well (They are on the pedestals on the sides) , but we did large floral arrangements 3 1/2 feet tall by 3 1/2 feet wide in these colors  The rest of the backdrop, we used out Tulle Cross Backdrop, with Whites - We added a few shades of colored green's in the lighted urns, and along the center arch.

     A little more information on this backdrop.  This backdrop needs to be up against a plain wall (the reason for this anything behind this backdrop will show.)  
The backdrop comes with full set up and take down - custom design - 2 large floral arrangements - 2 lamp posts - 2 lighted ficus tree's - Lots of back lighting (this lights up this section of the room so well you won't need to turn on overhead lights above the backdrop if you would not like to.)
This particular backdrop needs at least 35 feet (minimum) 50 feet max for the full - We can drop a couple of pillars to fit this into smaller area's of 20 feet.

     We are a mobile Utah based wedding decoration company.  If you are interested in having us decorate for your wedding with this backdrop.  Visit our website at: www.simplyenchantingevent.com.
We also have several other wedding backdrops available for rent, as well as linens, centerpieces, gazebo's, lighting, candy buffet, NEW photo guestbook services.  As well as full room decoration services.

Let us decorate for the day of your dreams!