Purple and yellow wedding decoration

This wedding that my team and I decorated for, the brides colors were Victorian Lilac, Gray with a touch of yellow.  The wedding ceremony and reception were inside a church gymnasium.  So the purpose was to convert this space into a reception center.

The pictures don't really give the room the justice it deserves, things always look better in person. However, check them out anyway.

Above is the new lighted ruffle table I designed.  If you remember a few weeks back, I showed a picture of a wedding that a ruffle table was used and I said I was planning on making it my own.
Well, in doing so I decided to give it a lighted puffy cloud look instead.  So not only is the table underneath lighted up, but the top of the table under the ruffles is also lighted up.
Personally, this is one of my favorite newer creations.  What do you think about it?

The backdrop for the ceremony, we used my Roman Pillars with greenery.  We added purple and yellow flowers on the pillars as well.  Personally, the yellow really was the perfect final touch.  You can't really see them well in the pictures, but if you were within 10-15 feet they stood out perfectly.

The backdrop we used for the cake table, was similar to the ceremony backdrop.  Same 4 pillars, except we didn't want them to be identical.  I wanted them to match each other, but I didn't want them to be exact as they both served different purposes.  So for the cake area we went with the Victoria Lilac satin swags across the top, and did a more simple centerpiece, so that nothing would take the focus away from the cake.

The rest of the room was filled with tables and other lighted decor.  We used white base linens, with Victorian lilac overlays.  Then Victorian lilac on gray runners.
The centerpieces we used lighted black lanterns, these are about 18" in height.  So the perfect height that you can still talk over them and see around them.

We places purple, white and a touch of yellow flowers around the bases, and laced them with two different sizes of pearls.
The black lanterns actually lit up and we used fake flicker candles inside of them to give them a little bit of romantic ambiance.
Last, the centerpieces were placed on large round mirrors.  For a couple of reasons, but mainly so the light from the centerpieces would reflect off of them more.

Between the ceremony and cake backdrops, we actually placed a stone fountain and lighted greenery area.  This wasn't created to draw the eye too much.  Mainly I just did this to tie in the area between the two backdrops so they wouldn't start and stop at awkward places with a weird space between them.

Because I really liked the way it looked, here is one more shot of the beautiful new cake table.