Sapphire Blue & Turquoise Wedding

The bride's colors for this wedding were sapphire blue and turquoise.

Above is the backdrop we used for the ceremony.  We used the lattice behind it to hide a part of the wall that we didn't want to be front and center for the couple.
The brides colors were Sapphire Blue and turquoise, although I only tied in Sapphire Blue into the backdrop, to not over do it on blues.

The next picture is yes the same backdrop.  However, we moved it into an open atrium in the hotel.  Because of this we didn't include the lattice.  It is basically the same backdrop with a few modifications to fit the new room.

It was a beautiful atrium, so I decided it didn't need much, so we went with a classy simple yet elegant look to everything.

We used Sapphire Blue runners, with mirrors, and then every other table either had 2 or 3 glass vases that were filled with different types textures of colors.

The above is just another view of the room.

Some with the rock look, others with the crushed ice look.

Like I said above, simple yet elegant.  Sometimes when you are dealing with rooms of large grandeur, less is more and small elegant touches show bigger statements than huge items that can take away from a finished look.

Just another view of the room.

And another view.  I should have grabbed a better shot, but this was actually a huge waterfall and colored water display, lights in the wedding colors.

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