Purple and Silver Wedding Decoration Pictures

     Below are the pictures from Rochelle's March 8th Wedding we decorated for this weekend.  Her colors were Eggplant, Silver and Black.  She picked our Roman Pillar Lighted Backdrop with satin eggplant swags, and White Gazebo.

     We decorated her refreshment eating area tables and chairs in white base linens and white chair covers - eggplant overlays and sashes.
The cake area, refreshment table area and book sign-in area were decorated with white base linens and silver overlays.

     For the centerpieces we used tall glass cylinder containers, filled with purple and white flowers floating in water.  The centerpieces had white lights placed in the bottom of them to reflect up through the flowers and onto the mirrors.  The bride select black picture frame accents with portraits of herself and the groom during their engagement, each table had 2 different pictures.

     We used lighted ficus tree's, greenery and other decor around the room, so the actual overhead lights were not needed and the bride was able to have a softer romantic feel to her night.
Here are the pictures we took of the decorations we did.

Our Roman Pillar Wedding Backdrop with Satin Eggplant Swags

Wedding Cake Area Close-Up

Wedding Backdrop Close-Up

Wedding Centerpieces

Floral Arrangement

Wedding Reception Room View

Wedding Reception Table View

Full Room View of Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Room View

Table View

Table View

Wedding Cake area Gazebo
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