2014 Wedding Trends

What has been trending this year in Utah for weddings?  
We will give you a little insight into what we have been seeing from bride's, that may help give you a few idea's for your own wedding or reception.


Pinks...  Light pink, fuchsia, corals to peaches.
Purples in various shades.  From lavender to eggplant and everything in-between.  Using a monochromatic color scheme this year have turned out some beautiful and elegant wedding looks.

Indoor weddings have been going with more of the lighter shades in colors this year.
Outdoor weddings have been gearing toward bright and fun to dramatic and bold colors.


Cake decorators are getting more and more creative, and new styles from elegant to sparkling glitter are in. The cake has now become the 2nd best (of course you are #1) focal point at your wedding/reception.
Which is why at Simply Enchanting, LLC we have come up with a new fun way to give your cake the extra emphasis it deserves, without over shining the cake itself.
Pictured is our new glowing ruffle cake table.
If your doing it yourself, try dressing up your cake table a bit, but making sure you are not going too overboard so that the cake is what draws peoples attention, the table and surrounding decor should be used to draw attention to the area, but still keeping the cake as the focal point.


Rustic and natural looks have been the most popular themes for outdoor weddings.  Using nature and it's surroundings.  Bringing in woodsy backdrops, or garland and ivy wrapped arches.

Elegant with beautiful lighting have been the most popular indoor themes this year.  Our white backdrops, with lots of lighting have been the most popular so far, throwing in hints of color.


Here are a few questions we have been getting from bride's this year, possibly their questions may be your own to.  I've also supplied the answers that we have been using.

Q- I want to use several colors in my wedding, how can I do this without it looking like a circus.
A- Pick one or two main colors that will flow the best together.  Then use all your other color choices in your flowers, and the tiny accent areas.

Q- I have a small budget, but I still want a beautiful and elegant look that makes me look like I spent more than I did.
A - Spend your money on linen's, chair covers and sashes.  If the chairs you are using are already decorative or fancy banquet, then just a simple sash could dress them up.
Additionally, consider having your wedding/reception in a smaller building or outdoors.  Some churches allow day use for free and you can hire wedding companies like ours to come in and turn it into a reception center for a fraction of the price that a reception center would charge.
Additionally, if you start cleaning up yours or your parents yard now, plant flowers and plants.  By the end of summer you will have a beautiful yard and you can probably get by with a simple arch for your backdrop.

Q- I want an outdoor wedding and I don't have a yard big enough for it and I am on a budget.
A- I'll give you two options to consider.  First, did you know most public parks rent their facilities out by full and half day increments?  You can pick a part of the park that is off to a corner, or on the side of a mountain or hill. The only downside is, these are public area's, but most people have been respectful from what we have seen, and we haven't seen any major wedding crashers:)
Second, do you know someone who does have a large yard that would work?  Consider asking them if you could use it.  You could even make a deal with them, that you will come by weekly and weed the gardens, maybe offer to plant a few plants in area's that need it (you'd flip the bill on it.)  If you really want to help work this out, offer to come by and mow the lawn weekly.
This will help you get their yard ready for your wedding.  Then it gives them something out of the deal, by getting you as a free gardener for a while:)  But if you do this, make sure you clean up after the wedding that same night or early the next morning so they don't have to wake up to a mess and have to do any clean up in their yard after.

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